At WWWorkshop, you’ll build your own website in just one weekend.

Do you have an idea or product you would like to test quickly in the market place without making a huge financial investment? 
Are you tired of providing fresh content to a web developer, only to have it languish untouched for too long?
Do you wish you could create a design savvy site, but feel like you don’t have the time?
Are you a creative self-starter, solopreneur, artist or DIYer, who is frustrated with the lack of control you have over your website?
Is your old website stuck in the last decade and dead on the web because you never update it?


We can help!

What if you could build a great looking site that allows you to manage your creative content, and saves you time in one weekend? 
What if you could build that site with help and advice from experts in the field?

Franziska was able to competently translate gallery owner Jed Foutz’s vision to a website that complements our gallery’s image. A pleasure to work with, she met or exceeded all deadlines. She has a great sense of style and aesthetics, so important to a business like ours that is image driven.

On April 21st, we’ll be launching the beta version of our Build Your Own Website in a Weekend Workshop (WWWorkshop).

And we’d like YOU to join us!


Who should attend?

Creative self-starters


What will I learn?

Learn to build a site that bridges the gap between the designs in your mind and where your clients are online! Our experienced team will teach you:

  • How to quickly get your site up and running
  • Key strategies for building a high-impact portfolio website on Squarespace
  • Valuable tips that can make your site stand out from the crowd

Why should I join you?

Developing an online presence to represent your brand is key for success in today’s markets, but hiring a professional designer is out of the question for many creatives. WWWorkshop can help by:

  • Teaching you how to take control of your content AND your web more waiting around for a developer!
  • Showing you how your site can test an idea or product in the marketplace quickly WITHOUT a huge financial investment.
  • Making sure your web presence accurately reflects the brilliant creative that you are! Your site should attract the clients who are craving your work, and we can show you how.

WhO IS FZK Franziska?

FZK Franziska is a Creative Agency that takes on the stewardship of online presence for a select few design-oriented clients. 

The owner, Franziska Neumann, has 20 years' experience in the design industry, spanning the fields of architecture, interior design, styling for decor magazines (Martha Stewart Living, World of Interiors), and furniture design. Her designs have been featured in several decor magazines and on HGTV, as well as on The Oprah Show. She transitioned to web design in 2008 when she found herself frustrated with web agencies' consistent lack of understanding of what she was trying to create during interviews. Always an entrepreneur at heart, she taught herself enough code to program the initial websites herself and then began to build a team of experts around her. 

Franziska lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, 12 year old son and a black Lab. When not working on client projects she can be found remodeling an old adobe, gardening, or following her love for snooping out the latest trends in the design world by perusing international design magazines in a coffee shop... 

The WWWorkshop is a rare opportunity to work with Franziska & her Team at a price point affordable for people starting out in a new venture. You will benefit from years of experience in effective online strategy, high-end design and tech expertise!

Before working with you, I was completely overwhelmed with anything “techie” and as a result kept resisting putting myself online and getting my website out into the world. I had dabbled with creating my own site, but found myself completely frustrated in the process with little to show for my efforts. I was stuck in eternal “coming soon” page mode. My tenacious, purpose-driven nature wouldn’t give up, but I was spinning my wheels and getting no where fast. For me, the most challenging part of this experience was that I couldn’t sleep at night because I knew that I wasn’t achieving my goal of inspiring millions worldwide to lead fuller, brighter & healthier lives. Since working with you, not only were you able to build the exact custom design my husband created, but you helped me finally share my gifts with the world in a bigger way, allowing my mission & vision to transpire. I wouldn’t have been able to do that in the same way if we hadn’t crossed paths. I’m so grateful for your warm, upbeat and encouraging nature and couldn’t have done this without you, Franziska! I am forever grateful.

What will I leave with?

Bottom line, you’ll end the weekend with a beautiful site that is fully functional, customizable, and most importantly - YOURS! You’ll have the knowledge and skills to build more portfolio sites in the future, and understand the keys to keep your content fresh and relevant.

Check out the detailed schedule below for some more information about what else you’ll be taking home.



Some examples of websites we have built in Squarespace for our clients...


Informational Webinar


We want you to have all the information you need to make an informed choice about whether the Website in a Weekend workshop is right for you! That's why Franziska is giving TWO informational webinars so you can get your questions answered before making a commitment.


I need some more information.


Throughout the WWWorkshop you'll be able to post any questions & comments in a private Facebook group where Franziska and her team will be available throughout the WWWorkshop.

Friday - You receive simple step-by-step instruction that guides you through the complete process of building a portfolio website.

Some examples: 

  • Finalize your content
  • Build a LIVE landing page
  • Ask all your questions

Saturday - You spend time perfecting the site you started yesterday, with personal support from our team of developers that’s on hand just for you.
Things you'll do: 

  • Learn the basics of Squarespace
  • Add content to your pages
  • Add headers, footers, and other key elements
  • Work with the team to overcome any tech hurdles

Sunday - Your website is LIVE and marketing your product or service beautifully to your clients!

  • Connect any social media accounts
  • Set up MailChimp if you'd like to start building an email list

We’ll close out WWWorkshop with a live review of participants’ work and answer any remaining questions.


BONUS Materials



  • SEO for squarespace Rundown

  • Preparing your Images

  • Set Up a Free Download Funnel in Mailchimp


Franziska has kept our website up-to-date and looking good for the last six years. She’s super talented, knowledgeable, has a great eye, and is so easy to work with. It’s always a pleasure to work with her!


Since WWWorkshop is being offered as a beta this time, this is your only chance to get in on the ground floor - at a ground floor price too! Spaces are limited, however. To guarantee your spot, sign up now.