Build Process



Our first attempt was a bust at making the table tops, we took one sheet of plywood and tried to cut it and then glue it together but we realized that didn't work because we couldn't get them the exact same size as the other so my dad and I bought 2 sheets of red oak plywood and glued them together we then once the glue was dry, cut the table top sizes we wanted, once we had them I started working on the varnish, 3 coats on top and 2 coats on the bottom, while I was working on that I was also working with a blacksmith friend of ours named Steve Dulpher who helped me make the beautiful legs, once those were done we degreased the legs and I sprayed a clear finish on one set and a silver finish on the other set,  meanwhile my dad had drilled the holes and we were gathering the materials to make the drain we ended up buying several feet of rope that we used to prop the pot up to the proper height and the absorbed all the extra water which was a sort of 2 birds 1 stone kind of thing. We then reached out to Jeanna Gienke from Opuntia to get the plants, she went and got them and brought them to our house and got to work planting, once we had that done I started to relax since my reception was the next day and the fact I had a table done made me really excited, so that night we ate dinner on it.

And that's the build process! :)