The Feng Shui of a Plantable

This past spring, I attended an event where I saw this incredible table presented by Luke, a young entrepreneur from Santa Fe, New Mexico. It incorporates plants as part of the design of the table. As a Feng Shui and Space Clearing practitioner, I fell in love with the idea and the design!Our goal in the world of Feng Shui is to feel good in our spaces by ensuring that the energy is uplifting. We often do this by the strategic addition of objects. This table is one such object that is guaranteed to uplift the energy in your space. Here’s why! 




Clutter is one of the biggest energy blocks. It’s often described as anything we don’t use or don’t love. This is why many people within the Feng Shui world are very intentional about what they have in their homes. They carefully consider an object’s function and whether it adds positive energy to the space. The beauty of Luke’s Plantable Table is that it is duel functioning. It provides both a space for dining and a space to easily house plants. Often times, we don’t have enough surface space in our homes to accommodate plants. They become one more thing to figure out where to place.



One of the things our soul requires in our home is to be in harmony with nature and her cycles. For this reason, as Feng Shui practitioners we look for ways to bring nature into our clients’ homes. Living plants are perhaps one of the easiest ways to do this. Studies have shown that plants calm the sympathetic nervous system and improve moods. And again, what better way to bring plants into your home then with a table incorporating them into the design.



Plants not only bring nature into our homes, they also have two major health benefits. First, they reduce carbon dioxide levels and purify the air. Second, research has shown that certain plants are able to absorb other pollutants. For example, spider plants are particularly beneficial for removing formaldehyde which is found in paint, glues in carpet and fiberboard. A cleaner environment with fewer chemicals and fresh air is most definitely one of the things that will uplift the energy of a space.




Not only do we consider the functionality of an object in Feng Shui, but we also consider what it’s made of. The beauty of Luke’s table is that the materials he has used incorporate the elements of earth, metal, water and wood in a way that each element nourishes the other. To start, the top of the table is square, which is representative of earth energy. The square top is then supported by the legs which are made of metal. In the cycle of the elements, earth energy supports metal energy, as the rocks within the earth contain metal.Next, the plants themselves represent the wood element, as wood is represented by those things that grow upward. In the cycle of elements, it is water that supports wood. Using living plants in the holes of the table are what allows for the addition of the water element each time the plants are watered.So, as you can see, the design of the Plantable Table is quite genius. When functionality and practicality intersect with good Feng Shui, I’m always a fan!

Dorena Kohrs
Space Doula + Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment
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